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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Funeral For A Veteran

I attended a funeral for a Vietnam Veteran today who also happened to be the spouse 
of a friend and co-worker of mine.

The funeral was held at the Norther California Veterans Cemetery. 
A group of Vietnam Veterans lined the procession while proudly holding their flags. 

In the background you can see the Military Personnel standing at attention 
awaiting their prompt to fire off their rifles in honor of the deceased Veteran.

Here comes the casket and the body of the deceased.

The Veterans escort their friend.

The service was brief, extremely respectful and honorable.

There is just something about the military, the precision, the honor, the respect, that is admired by so many, felt deeply by those who have served, and represents so much that is good in us.

After speaking to a few of the Vietnam Veterans, I could feel their pain of fighting in a war only to be rejected upon return from their combat. These men proudly fought for our country, and why so many others, for a variety of personal reasons, took it upon themselves to destroy these men. As a veteran myself, I find it very difficult to hear from men and women who never volunteered or served in the military,  freely give their opinions about these men of service...... If they could only walk in the shoes of the men they so quickly denounce.

I was reminded today, that these men who served in the Military during the Vietnam era, were the sons of the greatest generation that ever lived. They experienced first hand from their fathers, what true character, true virtue, loyalty, and dedication was. Somehow men of great character have disappeared from our midst, where did they go? Our heroes were once these men, even our actors that we enjoyed exhibited these strong manly characteristics.

I challenge you men, to re-establish such a character in our generation, and if not ours, at least model it and teach it to our son's. That means that we are to have a backbone, stand for something, throw out the idea of being political correct, that has killed manhood. Speak the truth, stand up for what you believe in, be a man of virtue, a man of character, live for what you believe in and be willing to die for what you believe..... The future of manhood rests on who you are and how you act. There is no grey area here..... 

Black and White! 

Truth and Evil! 

Right and Wrong!

Men of Character or Not!

1 comment:

Michael J. Kerrigan said...

Deacon, thank you for sharing a "Funeral for a Veteran." It was a fitting read on a Good Friday morning.

"I challenge you men, to re-establish such a character in our generation, and if not ours, at least model it and teach it to our son's."

I accept your challenge and that is why I have launched The Character Building Project.