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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can You See The Grace? Can You See The Love?

Amanda and Sean

The young adults and youth of today have a great opportunity to live lives full of joy and happiness. God has bestowed His grace upon them (us as well), grace that will allow us to transcend our weaknesses and live in His world of abundant joy and peace.

Love is a beautiful thing to experience and witness, and there is no other emotion that can better emulate God's feelings for us. 

What I am describing is "True Love," not what many youth and young adults have come to know as love, because their love could better be described as:

self-fulfilling, selfish pleasure seeking, unrestrained desire seeking, the taking of another without regard to the concept of complete surrender and giving of oneself. 

These are relationships of "Taking" not "Giving."

Love, True-Love, one that is grounded in respect, in the giving of oneself for the sake of building up the other person should be encouraged in our society today. This type of Love, a love that would never ask of another something that is improper, immoral, indecent, or disrespectful should be encouraged and nourished.

Most youth of today are in search for Love and the Truth, but are bombarded each day with lies, mis-truths, deceptions, and are left searching without finding a sense of fulfillment that lasts. The love they are looking for comes from God and Godly relationships, and can only be obtained when filled with His grace.

To live a life of such peace, joy, and sustained happiness is to live a life with another that is surrounded and immersed in God's ways, His beauty, and His Commandments, and nourished by living in a community that rejects the ways of the world and embraces the ways of His Kingdom.

There is such hope for the youth and young adults of today. They have the opportunity to live lives as fruitful as any time in history, and to possess more joy than we can imagine, if only they can see the grace that surrounds them and reach out for, and grab the grace being offered to them. 

This grace will not only sustain them in rejecting worldly ways, but will allow them to see the world and their relationships through Godly eyes. This grace that I speak of transforms us into children of God, allows us to act and to live more like the persons we were created to be, not just like what is often accepted and promoted by many around us.

We have been created in His likeness and in His image. Through baptism we have died to our broken and stained selves, and have been reborn, reborn and accepted into a kingdom of everlasting life. We are His and everything He has to offer has been given to us, all we need to do is accept it.

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