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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I’ve been hacked!

Unaware that anything had occurred, I began to receive e-mails from a few friends stating that they were pretty sure that my e-mail address book was hacked. They stated that they had received an e-mail, apparently from me, with some connection to a sexual site.

I was a little shocked, but after receiving 3 e-mails from trusted friends who all stated that I had been hacked, I informed all in my address book of the situation.

Although I felt somewhat violated by the evil act, I also felt honored that the friends who e-mailed me knew without a doubt that I had been hacked and that type of e-mail would not have originated from me. There was no hesitation with regard to my character.

It wasn’t until later, when I received a few responses to my notification of the violation that I began to feel differently. A few people who received the bogus and impostor e-mails stated that they were unsettled by what they received from me. They stated that they were concerned about me and my marriage. Then it hit me….. These people quickly thought the worse about me, unlike the others who didn’t give it a second thought.

I then began to think about why some people defend the reputation and character of others, and why some so quickly find themselves thinking awful thoughts of others.

Could it be, that the way we see others is a reflection of how we see ourselves?

Could it be, that if we are a person of good character, a person of virtue, I don’t mean on the surface, but deep within us, we automatically think that others are the same?

And could it be that if we are individuals who have a weak disposition, weak in regard to immorality, character, and temptations, we automatically see others in the same light?

These questions began to weigh heavily on me. I began to think how I judge others. Do I automatically think the best of them, do I automatically defend their character, or do I judge with a sinister mind? 

What does this say about me?

I will never know who and how many people received the evil-inspired e-mails, nor will I know how most people truly reacted when they saw them, but I did learn a valuable lesson from the ordeal.

So do I wish it never happened? 

Not really! 

The lesson learned from a little embarrassment might just last a lifetime.


Mark San Miguel said...

Sorry that some thought poorly (or did not stop to think - which is more likely, because I am confident that if they had thought about it - we all would think "PAT'S BEEN HACKED!"

Ed Drewsen said...

Without a doubt I knew the truth. I also am a bit internet savvy and suspicious. Some may still think that the only one who could use an internet identity close to yours and have their email would have to be you. Some people think their information is secure.

I have received emails from someone who used my email address as their name. They sent me spam disguised to look like my email. I just sent it to spam without thinking of the possibility that it may have been sent to others in my address book. As I type this comment, I wonder what some people may think of me? I am now smiling at the reaction some business contacts may have had. I am probably spammed by some of them. Sad but funny.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I am sorry to hear this has happened to you.

Rest assured that your character in the eyes of God is intact. Whatever others may think ... without truly thinking!

God bless you always.