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Monday, November 12, 2007

How life (or your day) can take a turn ....

This past weekend we had a great day of fun planned on the San Francisco Bay. My Brother Kevin owns a big boat, we call in the "yacht," and all the brothers and their families were invited to spend the day cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge, around Alcatraz Island, Treasure Island, and float in the waters outside Pac Bell Park, "McCovey Cove"

We all arrived and loaded on the Boat.

The girls ran downstairs to see what was on TV.

Sean ran to the drivers seat.

We pulled out into the bay and one of the two engines stopped.
Kevin checked the engines and could not find the problem. The boat is so big, and the currents are sooo strong, we couldn't proceed without both engines, so we returned to the marina to dock the boat.

We found the problem. We didn't secure a rope and it was sucked up into one of the props. We couldn't fix the problem without scuba gear so there would not be any touring of the bay on this particular day.

So What do we do ?

Sure, initially there was a feeling of disappointment, but quickly someone had an idea of just pulling back into the marina and having a picnic lunch on the boat. That idea was followed by lowering the dingy into the water and taking turns driving the small water craft around. The kids had a great time and I think the adults did too.

Click on the video button above to see this skilled "Kearns Crew." Two generations on board the vessel I must tell you.

Here we are doing the pelican dance, thanks Amanda for the inspiration....click on the picture for an enlarged view

Uncle Tim taught Sean how to start and maneuver the outboard engine. Tim is a natural teacher.
Two cousins, Colin and Sean having a blast.
Uncle Dan driving Kaylyn, Amanda, Mackenzie, and Kristin. Is that a "San Francisco Forty-Niners jacket" that Dan is wearing ?
What a beautiful day.

This day is such a reminder that many times our plans do not come to fruition. I have to believe that things will happen just the way they are meant to happen. We can usually make our surroundings just the way we want them to be.

What I mean is:

We can find happiness almost anywhere if we want to be happy.

We can find enjoyment almost anywhere if we want to be joyful.

We can find peace almost anywhere if we want to be peaceful.

Once again, thank you God for the little lessons that you offer to us so often.....