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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Friday, December 28, 2007

Life's Filter

Many of you already know that we do not have TV, nor do we want it, but we do like to watch movies. We received a great Christmas Present this year, the above pictured DVD player that filters out the junk...

It works great, you download the specific filter for the movie that you want to watch from the Internet onto a small USB flashdrive, plug the flash drive into the player, select what topics (Nudity, Sex, Profanity, Disrespect to Parents, Vulgarity, Blasphemy, etc) and to what degree you want filtered out, and watch the movie.

The player works great. Most of the time you cannot even notice that the movie has been edited. Liz and I watched a movie, filtered and then unfiltered, oh what a difference.

Our house rule has always been G movies are OK, and in the last few years PG was usually OK with a parent, but we always found ourselves talking over parts of the movie, or having to explain things. Even with our efforts, the kids were still seeing and hearing things that we didn't like. BUT Not NOW - Clear Play is Great.......


The Topic of Movie Filtering Started my Mind to think..

Are we not a type of Filter?

Life contains so much that is good, but it also contains Junk. How do we separate the two?

What tools are we given to keep them apart?

I have always thought that if we could just filter out all the bad in the world, we would be living in heaven, right here on earth, at least to a degree....

Don't parents attempt to be a filter for they kids? Don't they try to keep the bad away?

Attempting to avoid temptation, isn't that filtering out our own thoughts?

Through God's grace, and attempting to see only the good in people, not their faults, isn't that action actually filtering our perception of people.

The choices that we make in life:

What friends we associate with,

What movies we watch,

How we choose to spend our free time,

What hobbies we partake in,

are we not applying a sort of filter in all the actions or our life?

As Christians, I don't really see us as a filter that accumulates junk, separating the good from the bad, and retaining the bad, like an oil filter, or a coffee filter; but rather a filter that accepts all the good and rejects the bad.

We allow all that is good in this world to penetrate our filter, we can absorb it, it can become a part of us, while the negativity, the disgust, and the darkness, are not allowed entrance, they are rejected and turned away, not caught in our filter, but repelled.

I think of two magnets with opposing charges.

Lets work together to grab all that is good and wonderful in this world, reject what is not so, and retain and share the goodness given to us.

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