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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Unhappy and Angry

Have you ever known a person who truly is unhappy.
Often they don't realize how they treat others.
They can be so self-centered in their own disgust and anger of themselves that everyone else is of little interest to them, unless they choose to take their anger out on others.
Often the person is suffering from depression, which many believe at the core is anger.
There can be many causes for depression, but the end result is almost always the same. The person is left feeling miserable.
When one is feeling so miserable, they often unintentionally, sometimes intentionally, try to make others feel the same. They find it very difficult to be around others who are happy and joyful, it only magnifies their discontent and they try to find fault in them.
They are prone to talking behind others backs and spreading gossip. They will often spread slanderous comments about the person, a person who's only crime is Joy.
I never like seeing a person suffer, I do pray for their recovery.
However, at times I feel that some people have become so accustomed and ingrained with feeling miserable and seeing the world in a negative fashion, it is very difficult for them to change.
When medication and therapy have been attempted, and their spirituality has been addressed, and they still have not seen any improvement, a significant life change should be considered.
Mental health is a very complex issue at times.
If everything you have attempted to make you feel better has not helped, try a different method, a different approach, a different lifestyle, maybe a different occupation??????
As long as you are alive there is still a chance for change........ God's grace is all around us, use the sacraments to help tear down the walls that could be blocking the grace from helping you.
I will never understand why some people suffer while others do not. But, I do know that God can help, and you can help yourself also. Maybe God is giving you the tools to help yourself and you only need to use the tools?
Just start the process of change. If you don't like yourself, become the person you and God would like you to become....
Start now.....

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