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Friday, March 28, 2008

What Even Happened to Good TV?

The quality shows from yesteryear are all gone with some exceptions.
I can remember my Father telling a newspaper reported ~ 15 years ago, that there were still some good television shows available, but that wasn't what the people and kids were watching. My Father lived through the development of TV and saw first hand the effects of TV on Children through the eyes of an educator. My Father taught 7th and 8th grade mathematics for 40 years.
TV has morphed into something that is leading to the destruction of morals, values, and desensitizing people to horrible things.
As many of you already know, we gave up of TV many years ago (4-5 yrs) and have been all the better because of it.
However, we do have a projector and can rent movies (Through Net Flix) and watch them on the projector.
We also have a "Clearplay DVD Player" that filters out all the bad stuff (Nudity, Profanity, Vulgarity, Sex, Dishonoring of Parents, Blasphemy, etc)
Recently my daughter has discovered "The Waltons," and we watch it frequently at night.
This was one of my favorite old TV shows.

I love the idea of a family that doesn't aspire to keep up with the Jones' but rather looks a little deeper into life for the true meaning. Love, Friendship, Struggle, Dedication, Sacrifice, Persistence, Giving, and Compassion are all qualities expressed in these shows with a direct message that can be applied to our lives.
How many shows today really do the same thing - I would venture to guess "Not Many."

And what about roles models? I can remember growing up with these two characters and the lessons that the taught through their being. They reinforced what my parents were already teaching us children. Does TV do that today?

I am delighted that my daughter has fallen in love with this fictional family, The Waltons. It not only brings back such wonderful memories of my upbringing, but I am once again reliving the adventures through the eyes of my daughter.

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