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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dilution of Catholicism

Recently I participated in a meeting attended by many of the faithful, and we were discussing a variety of issues.

But, what caught my attention was the visceral reaction by so many people when the following names were mentioned:

EWTN, Father Groshel, Father Corapi, Father Pakwa

I understand that to many, the people aforementioned might represent a conservative element of the church, but what I don't understand is why they are resented so much.

I tend to consider myself not extremely conservative, nor extremely liberal,
hopefully pretty balanced.

I do tend to see things in life from a more stable and reserved standpoint, hesitant to make change abruptly without giving due time for reflection and evaluation, and to some, I would probably be considered more conservative.

However, I really don't like categories and choose to evaluate each issue and situation individually and uniquely.

What I do see however, is that for many California Catholics, we have allowed ourselves to be swayed by the overwhelming liberalism that is so much a part of the culture.

This ideology has surpassed the idea of caring for the poor and social consciousness, and has somehow affected so many negatively in regard to evaluating things purely in the light of truth.

Life is not about always feel good, and rationalizing things to the degree that you feel that you can do almost anything in life because you can stir up a justification for it.

To make decisions in life by your feelings and not thinking things through in regard to the Natural Law, Moral Rights and Wrongs, and Social Consequences, have blurred our moral compass.

These are not meant to be political statements, just statements of truth.

We have many basic truths in our Catholic Faith. These truths have not changed. I have watched and listened to: EWTN, Fathers Pakwa, Groeshel, and Carapi, and have not heard anything contrary to our faith.

I can understand if a person has a dislike for their personality, or the specific mode of delivery that a person uses, but I cannot understand the hostile reaction that I often observe when the above mentioned names are used.

I did have the opportunity to talk to some of the people after the meeting that expressed such physical and emotional discontent at the sound of the previously mentioned Fathers and

I was shocked
to hear their ideas of what our catholic faith communities needed to address the needs of our times. I heard so many ridiculous ideas such a married priests being assigned to small rural parishes (The man and wife could run the parish), as well as other numerous ideas that sounded soooo "protestant."



Where is the voice of stability, tradition, reverence, and sovereignty in our Church?

I must say that out current Pope (Benedict XVI) is giving us a grounding representation this week during his visit to the US.

Our Bishops are to be that voice and stature as well -

Are they accomplishing their vocational calling?

Please don't take this wrong-
I am devoted and willingly pledge my service and obedience to the Bishop

I agree that the Church is not stagnant, it is a body on a journey, a Pilgrim Church.

And we need to be open to reading the signs of the times, but we should be cautious when deciding to throw away or disregarding our traditions, eliminating our traditional thinking, just for the ideology of be "Progressive," that could be the beginning to a destructing adventure.
I do not think that that God will allow his Church to stray too far, He has allowed his church to prosper and live through such turmoil, and such poor decision making from time to time over that last 2000 years.

But ask your self, are you strong and fervent in your faith?

Do you know what you stand for and would you die for it?

Are you willing to stand up against evil and spread the honest and truthful words of God?

I feel that God is asking for a return of a fervent faithful, willing to study their faith, investigate and research in search for truth, to review the enlightened teaching of the church fathers, to stand up against erroneous teachings, help rectify the injustice in the world, to see things as they truly are, and make a change in the world.

This change is not to be self-centered, but a change for the good of the people.

A change consistent with God's law and his revelation to the apostles.

Our faith has been so diluted over the past many years that so many catholics do not even know what it really means to be catholic. The body of Christ is calling out to the Pope, to the Bishops, to Pastors, to be enlightened, to be educated, to be motivated, and to clearly understand the human that they were created to be.

A survey was taken in our parish recently. The number one area of request by the parishioners was to help them realize what it really means to be truly human, and to help understand their calling in life.

So what does this mean?

Life as we know it now has left these good people unsure of who they are and what God is asking of them.

Has liberal teachings confused them?

Has that same teaching left them lost and without direction?

It appears so!!!

I have to admit that for the past 30 years the pendulum has swung from a conservative church to a considerable liberal church, at least in America.

The body of Christ is begging for direction, to have a sense of who they are, who is their God, Who is Jesus, What is the source and what is the purpose of their being.

The body of Christ is yelling out in an attempt to be heard.

It reminds me of so many of the psalms of lamentation.
They are experiencing such agony without understanding that they belong to a faith that can give them such joy, peace and serenity.

Are we going to hear them, are we going to react?

It wasn't a mistake that Pope Benedict XVI was chosen as the Pope at this time in history.

He is what the world needs at this time.

Are we listening?

St. Augustine:

"We who speak and you who listen acknowledge ourselves as

fellow disciples of a single teacher.”

I pray that our Church and the body of Christ under the direction of the Pope, The Magisterium, and the Bishops can return to our roots. To become a stable force of Jesus Christ in this world that appears to becoming more troubled.

I do posses Hope that God is reaching out to all of us to be the hands, the feet, the mouth of Jesus Christ, to Love, Serve, Believe and become united.

Unity does not mean compromise, that is what has contributed to the current mess we are surrounded with. Unity will only happen when we live the truth, truth with compassion, dignity, love, and understanding.... But truth, not compromise........

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