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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I never really understood why so many people are in a hurry to retire. I have always had the impression that we should find work that we have a passion for, we truly enjoy, and find fulfillment in.
If we enjoy our work, find identity in our work, and receive fulfillment in the work, why would we every want to stop doing it.
I have know so many people, my father included, that once retired, struggles of boredom, usefulness, and identity became an issue. Many men in particular find such difficulty after retirement that their health becomes compromised and it appears that their life span is hastened.
I have a friend who has been planning his early retirement for so many years that his focus has been mostly on his financial status rather than his children. I often feel that he will have such remorse in the later years when the opportunity for parenting is gone and a void will be apparent not only in him but also in the children.
If a person doesn't enjoy his work, why don't they just change their vocation. I once read that the average American has three careers. That is true for me, not counting a variety of jobs as a youth, I was or have been:
1. A Navy Corpsman
2. A Nurse
3. Now a Cleric
not to mention a business owner, a personal trainer, etc, etc, etc.
I have been fortunate to meet many men, wise men, happy men, who have worked well into their 70's and 80's, often with adjusted schedules, part-time routines, and have maintained a sense of balance, joy, and vitality.
I truly think the secret in life, at least on one plane, is to identify your true passion, become employed in that arena, keep focused on the here and now, and to not be afraid to move on when needed.
Life should be lived to the fullest each and everyday.
The only one that can hold you back is yourself........

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