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Monday, January 19, 2009

Can You See The Light Around You?

Our world is full of beauty..... Yes it is also full of darkness and evil, but lets not forget the beauty in the world.
God created this world to be beautiful.
He created man and woman to be beautiful.
By removing the over-emphasis of sex that the world has placed into almost everything, we can look at man and woman for who they really are:
They are beautiful.
We are beautiful.
Don't get me wrong, sex is important, and is an important and necessary part of a marriage. It allows ongoing creation, it allows the much needed bonding and intimacy of the married couple, (an unhealthy sex life of a married couple usually indicates a struggling marriage) but sex outside of marriage is not only wrong, it is destructive.
It takes away from the holiness of the conjugal act, it turns the life giving nature of the sexual union into an act of unmerited pleasure for the sake of pleasure alone. It demeans marriage, the holiness of the covenant.
When we look at another human being, male or female, we should see their beauty, there is nothing wrong with admiring the beauty of another being.
The problem rests in the sexualization that has been forced on Americans; that everything in life must have a sexual component. It has robbed us of so much.
The media and the movies continue to attempt to brainwash us into thinking that everything must have some sort of sexual connection.
We live in a world that was created in beauty and truth, it was and is through sin that it becomes dark. However, life at the core is pure.
If more of us reject the evil in the world and live in the light of truth (God), in the light of Christ, we can repel this evil and see the world for what it truly is and was created to be.
With many of the changes that are happening around us today, it is becoming more and more easy to see the polarizations of good and evil in this world. The darkness is becoming more evident, and I believe this is for a purpose.
This distinct polarization of good and bad will allow lukewarm Catholics and Christians to see through what was recently considered "grey issue," and debatable.
The evil and dark acts foster through the devil, and promoted through our weaknesses, will be brought to light in the spiraling culture that we now live in.
The darker the world, enables and allows us to see the light much easier.
Christians will soon need to choose between good and evil, it will become increasingly more difficult to live in the middle as the world becomes darker.
The choice between life and death will become apparent in the near future.
What will you choose?
I choose to live in the world of beauty.
I want to see the light in the world.
I want to see the true beauty in my friends and family.
I refuse to live in the dark.
I might be persecuted for my beliefs and my actions, however I do not care. I will not and can not support the darkness and the evil in the world.
I want to become the light that guides me.......
I want to see the holiness in those around me. I want to promote holiness in this world, and it all begins with my own thoughts and my own actions. How I choose to see the world, and the people in the world, becomes my thoughts. My thoughts fuel my actions, my actions are my behaviors and turn into habits, and habits of a person and a community can change the world.
Join me...... Lets change the world and live in beauty!
It all starts with you, just you!
It takes one single element to start a process.
Christ is calling, are we listening?

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