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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Prayer and Health

Many of us realize that prayer is the tool for spiritual growth, but do you realize that prayer is also the tool for health?
The single greatest cause of illness in the world is stress.
Stress effects every single system of our bodies as well as our psyche.
Believe it or not, most stress in our lives is self-imposed.
We worry about things that for the most part we have no control over.
We over-spend on things that are not necessities, live beyond our means, and create such debt that we find it a daily struggle to pay for things that we had no reason to purchase in the first place, especially no legitimate need for.
God has a plan for us and He is the only one who really has control.
Yes, he allows free will, and that can be used for good, but also for bad.
He will even use our bad choices and turn them into something that promotes virtue, growth, and character.
However, If we truly believed that God has a special plan for us, and that He will either allow things to happen or not, and if we lived our lives only to fulfill what God has planned for us, accepting each trial, and each success as a gift from God, where is there room for stress.
Stress only comes when we truly feel that we have the power to change something. We do have power, but that power only comes from God.
What is our purpose in life?
I still remember a reference from the old Baltimore Catechism:
"To know God, to serve God, so we may be with him in this life and the next."
Health can come so easily, when we give our worries, our desires, and our struggles over to God, and simple believe and live that "His will be done" in our life.
Health (Mental and Physical) brings happiness, and everything good in life is created and sustained by God.

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