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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Romance Without Regret

Just watched this DVD presentation last night
(My Wife, Myself, and My 15 year old Son -Sean)
What a powerful message that all teens and parents raising teens must see.

Another tool to be used to combat the sinful culture that we live in.

Romance Without Regret is a compelling chastity presentation by Jason and Crystalina Evert. Their dynamic style, along with their honesty, frankness, and personal testimonies, attracts teens and has the power to change many hearts. Whether you are in a relationship, looking for love, or just trying to understand God's plan for properly using the gift of sexuality he has given to you, Romance Without Regret will hand you the tools you need in order to know the difference between love and lust.
In Today's Sex-Drenched Culture, Can We Really Keep Catholic Teens Chaste?
It’s not easy raising a Catholic teenager these days.
Or even being a Catholic teenager, for that matter.
Everywhere you turn, today’s teens are mercilessly bombarded with blatant sexual images, messages, temptations, and occasions of sin.
It’s far worse then when you and I were growing up.
Today, teens are taught that “anything goes”—as long as you practice “safe sex”
(whatever that’s supposed to be).
In many schools, the sex education is explicit to the point of being pornographic.
Television, movies, music, magazines, and the fashion industry make
no attempt at modesty or decency.
With the invention of the Internet, pornography is just a few clicks
or key strokes away—even for teens.
Decency and obscenity laws have been all but completely struck down by the courts, or are completely ignored by law enforcement—no matter how flagrant the violations.
But wait, it gets worse . . .
One in three teens have been (or will be during their teen years) infected with an STD.
In fact, every day more than 8,000 teens become infected with an STD.
Teen pregnancy rates are sky-high: Almost 750,000 girls ages 15-19 get pregnant every year.
Abortions are rampant among teens, with more than 200,000 of those 750,000 babies murdered in the wombs of their teenaged mothers every year.
Even the suicide, depression, drug abuse, alcohol use, crime, and drop-out rates are many times higher for teens who are sexually active than for those who aren’t.
Bottom line?
Teen sex is not a good idea.
Yet, the media, the government, and the education establishment seem obsessed with promoting teen sex rather than discouraging it.
They act as if teens simply can’t control themselves—as if abstinence is a physical impossibility or a psychological aberration.
The principles of sexual morality and chastity are scoffed at and scorned—and any teens who reject the promiscuity of their peers are themselves rejected and shunned.
Now for the really bad news . . .
This even applies to Catholic students in Catholic schools.
True, it’s prevalent in the public schools, where Christian morality has been virtually outlawed.
While the problems I’ve listed above aren’t as bad in Catholic schools as they are in the public schools, they’re still very bad.
Just ask priests or school counselors at your local Catholic school, and they’ll tell you: Our Catholic teens aren’t pure.
Another expert is Jason Evert, who has spoken to a million students in the years since he came on board at Catholic Answers’ very successful Chastity Awareness Project.
Jason travels around the country giving a seminar called Romance Without Regret—a 90-minute talk that provides compelling and uplifting reasons for embracing the virtue of chastity.
“Romance without regret does exist,” he tells his audiences. “But if you want the real thing, be prepared to sacrifice. Only then will you see that the peace and joy that come from chastity are worth more than all the pleasures of the world.”

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