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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Turmoil In Our Lives - What Is The Source?

Do you ever feel like there is turmoil building all around you and that you really don't know where it is coming from or why it is happening?

And then you realize that all the turmoil that you have been feeling, the turmoil that has been coming from different aspects of your life, all has something in common, a common denominator.

Sometimes it is us, and we need to look at ourselves and what is it about ourselves that is creating that turmoil.

But other times it might be a particular person in our lives.

There can be times in our lives where a person enters our life under the guise of a friend or a person with common interests, later to find out that it was just a facade to gain access.
This type of person, intentionally or maybe unintentionally (as with a person diagnosed with a "Borderline Personality Disorder") creates such chaos in their life, lives in such chaos, and then projects that chaos into your and other's lives as well.
At times it might feel as if you are being cloaked with evil, a force that is anything but positive and good.
Before you know it, you might have many people upset with you and you didn't even realize that you offended anyone, yet numerous people have been furious with you from what had been reported to them about you.

These type of individuals can drain you of your happiness and all your positive energy.
Some might say "they suck all the life out of you, and still want more." That will eat you up and when you have been devoured, they leave you for their next victim.
The ironic thing is, they take no responsibility for their own acts, usually projecting all blame onto you.
They are so empty inside, they are always looking for attention, love, assurance, compliments, yet they can never get enough so they are always left wanting more, a bottomless pit.

May times they are very intelligent and masters at manipulation and it takes quite a while to figure them out.
They often has a charismatic personality and are well liked by many people, people who only truly know them on a superficial level.
The obvious sign of a person who fits this category would be your own experience, if you happen to be one of their victims and have suffered through an relationship with them, or more commonly by identifying all the turmoil that surrounds them and their lives.
The often have a lot of friends, since they can be perceived as friendly, warm, and are masters at manipulation.
Yet, they often do not have any close and long lasting relationships.


One might find themselves left exhausted from all their efforts trying to satisfy the person, only to find out that once your usefulness had been exhausted, they have already moved on. Count your blessings!
There is no medication that will help such a person. They often have what is considered a personality disorder and the treatment is through receiving professional counseling using a cognitive approach.
The problem is that for treatment to be effective, the person must realize that they have a problem. That they are the source of all the turmoil and unhappiness in their lives and have been leaving a trail of turmoil in every relationship that they have established.
Many people who possess such traits never come to the realization that they are causing so much ill in the world, and especially in their world, and never seek help.

If you identify such a person, Beware...... They can be just as evil as they can be nice, and the table turns very quickly.
Encourage them to receive help, professional help, but don't be surprised if they decline.
If they decline to get help or to try to change their ways, then separate yourself from them.
I don't mean to be unsympathetic or to sound unchristian, but being a victim for no reason other than just foolishness has nothing to do with Christianity.
Lets try to keep the peace in our lives by promoting peace, serving each other with a "servant's heart," looking for consolation from God and not from those in this world, and separate ourselves from all that is contrary to good.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

and yet, you remain smiling, -in peace. What others do should never upset our own peace. If we are in union with God, how can they be against us?