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Monday, March 09, 2009

Why Do We Get Up Each Day?

Have you even pondered the thought
"Why do I get up each day."
This simple question, if explored, can rapidly turn into a very philosophical dilemma.
For some, each day is a opportunity to attempt to satisfy a desire or a need.
For some, each day is centered on self-stimulation or
on attempting to gain self-stimulation and pleasure.
For others, each day is approached like an open book,
awaiting direction, and then reacting to that direction.
For others, the possibilities are endless.
Why do you get up each morning?
Some individuals have responsibilities:
Children, Care of others, Providing for a family, Self-survival, etc.,
and this is a motivating factor in their ability to get up each morning and complete their duties.
Others think of responsibilities only secondarily to meeting their own needs, usually needs of wanting to feel wanted, loved, cared for, needed, and valued.
In many ways our culture has been saturated with the ideal that if the end result isn't to gain some reward, the means shouldn't even be attempted since they are in essence "useless."
What am I getting at?
So many have lost the significant concept that the reward isn't in the outcome, but in the mere attempts and the expression of virtue and character.
When choosing to act, one once considered the core issue at hand, considered what action would be right or wrong and acted accordingly. There was little contemplation in regard to what the personal outcome and benefit would be, just the reality of what was just and right.
Where did the measuring stick come from?
What was the tool used to identify what was right or wrong?
The "natural law," was that measuring stick, the plain truths that are written on our hearts, the indisputable truths of life that can never be erased, instilled in our very being from God, have always been in place (i.e do not murder, do not take what isn't yours, etc.)
But there has been a force in place since the very beginning of time,
the evil force, that attempts to distract us from our own innate source of goodness.
We once lived in a Christian society that assisted us to recognise
these truths, supported these truths, and encouraged the participation in these truths.
Yet, a systematic approach has been deployed to progressively remove Christianity from the world that we live in. A systematic attack on the very values that are instilled in our hearts.
No matter what happens in society, these basic truths about a human being's dignity and value can never be completely removed, no matter how much rhetoric is present, the deep feelings that we posses can never be wiped away. (i.e. it never feels right to hurt another person, it never feels right to take what isn't yours, it never feels right to neglect another).
So why do we get up each morning? We get up because deep in our hearts, we posses a truth greater than we can even comprehend, a truth instilled in our very being, a truth that drives us to do what is right:
to help others who need help,
to comfort those that need comfort,
to be kind to those who feel unloved,
despite what distractions get in the way.......
our conscience is the driving force and connection to those instilled values......
Are we listening to our conscience,
or are we falling pray to what others are telling us what our propose in life should be?
Are we acting on those small urges that come from deep within us, those urges from God to do good things in life, or are we acting on what the media and culture are telling us what will make us feel happy and complete.
We have more things and opportunities in life than in any other time in history,
yet more people than even feel unhappy and incomplete.
Why is that?
Could we have been fed a bunch of lies from those who say they can help you find happiness?
Happiness and Joy can only be found in
the one who is happiness and joy.
The guide is already within you, it has been there since creation,
it is written on your heart, can you hear it, can you feel it?
If you are having difficulty seeing it or finding it,
I know someone who can help you, just ask!

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