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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Really A Friend Or Not!

I think many people have lost the concept of what a friend really is.
It isn't uncommon for a person in our society to have many,
many relationships with others and call them their friends.
They enjoy the socialization, the camaraderie, and having the ability to help each other out.
They call these relationships "friendships" and call the individual a friend.
However, if you look a little deeper into the relationship, it is better described as follows:

* I enjoy being with you when we are doing the things that I like.

* I enjoy being with you when you do what I want you to do.

* I enjoy our relationship when you help me out and do favors for me.

*I like our relationship when I can help you as long as it isn't inconvenient for me.

* I like the relationship as long as you like me.

* I like the relationship if you don't ask too much of me.

* I can talk about you to others, but don't talk about me.

* Even if I spread rumors about you, it really isn't my fault.......

* Even if I destroy your reputation by gossip and then later find out I was mistaken,
I really don't care enough about you to try to fix the damage that I created.

* If you challenge me on our relationship or my inappropriate actions,
it will no longer be a relationship.

Friendship..... I think "true friendship" is actually very rare in our world today.

When I think of "true friendship" I think of the following:

* Someone who is always there for you, but most especially when you need them.

* A person who anticipates your needs in life, often before you realize them.

* Someone who never hesitates to help you, who loves you like themselves.
* A person who will just as willingly share your joys, share in your trials.
* Someone who could never stab you in the back,
the thought of doing so would be as alien as doing it to themselves.
* Someone who prays for you.
* A person who tries to help you develop into your full human potential.
* Someone who enjoys the thought of spending eternity with you.

Having a lot of friends is nice, but Quality is much more important than Quantity.

I would much rather have one (1) "True friend" than 100 impostors.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Over the last few years I have had numerous trials and tribulations. As I have struggled along life's rough road I held my hand out to my friends. Gradually they fell away along the trail, one by one, untill the time I had only one left! I have been blessed with ONE true friend that I know now will be with me till the end! How lucky I am!