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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do You See What Is Happening ?

There is more truth than fiction in this comic.

I received and e-mail through my wife from a so called catholic academic in California.
She stated that she had been following the Notre Dame situation very closely since her child was attending the school.
She stated that Father Jenkins was "A Class Act" and that the school had the right idea, they wanted dialogue and not a war.
WHAT..... we are in a war, who are the millions that are dying each year.
And what about the fact that the Catholic Bishops gave a directive to all catholic universities that no honors should be given to anyone who directly opposes our beliefs and faith.
This is the problem with Academia and academics in general, they live in a world of their own creation, they live in a world of obscurity and have lost the fact that there are "rights and wrongs" plain and simple.
Rhetoric has overtaken their minds, but what is worse yet, they are teaching it to young adults as gospel!
I want to puke!

Many Catholic are listening more to this man than the Pope and the Bishops.
Who did Jesus leave in charge of His church?

When did this issue ever become blurred?

And what are Jesus' thoughts on this subject?

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