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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A quality of a "True friend"

I was very impressed today by a call I received at work from a friend. As many of you know, I write on this blog often about my feelings, at times my trials, my encounters, and even vent from time to time. In addition to this blog, I also have to opportunity to preach.
I try to speak the truth no matter what the issue in an attempt to personally see issues clearly, work through them, and share them with you.
Do I offend people at times? Yes
However that is never my intention. Actually, what offends people usually is a surprise to me. In addition, some of my most well received homilies and blog posts have also been the most offensive to others.
Today I received a call from a friend regarding the content of one of my recent posts. He stated that he took it personally and felt hurt by it. I explained the thought behind the post and how it was by no means directed toward him. His call gave me an opportunity to hear him, his concerns, attempt to repair the hurt I caused, delete the sentence from the Blog, and in some way even grew closer in our relationship.
I have the utmost respect for people who when feeling offended, go directly to that person rather than speak of their hurt to everyone except the source.
I often struggle with my Blog posts and homilies. In an attempt to decipher and speak God's truth in my limited and usually unequipped manner, I offend others. I have contemplated the idea of stopping the Blog, but that didn't feel right also.
I struggle with the idea of writing in a manner that is so neutral that it doesn't say anything, at least anything worth reading.
I am left with the idea that I am to continue to write from the heart, although unsophisticated, often grammatically in error, and usually misspelled, it is sincerely from my heart.
I do not claim to have the answers in this life, other than through Jesus Christ, application is often debatable, but where do we turn for that clear, unmistakable, undiluted advice.
Thank you my friend for sharing a piece of you with me today, if more people could act as honorably, and charitably as you, we would be able to see Christ more easily around us in others.

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