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Deacon Pat's Books - Popular Catholic novelist and author!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

St. Louis De Montfort - The Story of Our Lady's Slave

I just finished reading this remarkable book about the life of Saint Louis De Montfort. It not only carries the "Nihil Obstat" and "Imprimatur," but inspires, teaches, and radiates wisdom. This truly is a book that will change a piece of you forever......
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"Well, what do you think of Fr. De Montfort?" asked the Bishop eagerly. "Is he preaching heresy? Is he a tool of the Devil, as some people say? Or a mad-man, as others think?"
The city was in an uproar over Fr. Louis De Montfort, and Bishop de Champflour had sent 3 wise priests to investigate. "I'm especially interested in learning about the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary;" he had told them.

Yes, huge crowds of people were coming to Fr. De Montfort's mission services, and hundreds of souls had been converted. No one left his confessional unconsoled. But some people had their doubts about what Fr. De Montfort was preaching.

What was all this talk of becoming a saint easily and quickly through the True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary-by a holy "slavery" to Jesus in Mary?
Now the 3 priests were back, and the Bishop awaited their report. What would they tell him about this unusual missionary priest?

This book tells what the priests had found out. It also tells about the trouble stirred up for Fr. De Montfort by the Calvinists, by the Jansenists, and even by some Catholics who did not understand what True Devotion to Mary was all about.

In short, here is the remarkable story of the priest who went about helping others become saints by show-ing them how to be "slaves" for Jesus through Mary. For Ages 10 to 100
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For any DJM's (Disciples of Jesus and Mary)
this book you will find particularly inspiring and enlightening due to it's spirituality
being so in line with yours - It should be a "Must read" for DJM's.

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