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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Proven Danger of H1N1 Injections

As I, and as many have projected, significant side effects and even death
is now being reported status post H1N1 injections in California.

Here are some of the statistics now being reported:


* Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) = 4 Cases

* Post-infectious encephalitis / myelitis = 8 Cases

* Seizures (without encephalitis) = 11 Cases and 1 Death

* Cranial nerve palsy = 8 Cases

* Other neurological syndrome = 8 Cases


11 Cases

Pregnancy-related complications

* Spontaneous abortion = 10 Cases

* Stillbirth = 2 Cases


8 cases

This data was obtained through an effort by The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the California Emerging Infections Program (EIP), and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LAC DPH)
I have no intention to try and sway you one way or the other regarding your choice to choose immunization / vaccination for you or your children, I am just promoting the spread and dissemination of accurate and available information for your review so you can make an informed decision regarding your family.
One would think that even though there is a law regarding the necessity of providing all patients with all the information regarding a medication (Risk vs Benefit) to enable them to make an informed decision and to be able to give an informed consent, It does not happen with immunizations.

1 comment:

Deacon Pat said...

I received this question and I believe that many might be thinking the same thing so that is why I am posting it as well as my response.

Questions: People are living longer because so many diseases have been almost eliminated via vaccinations and antibiotics. I read your posting quickly.. What are these numbers in comparison to the number of people vaccinated?

Deacon Patrick Kearns Response:

If you truly look at statics, there really isn't a coorolation with increased use of vaccines and lower diseases. There was a downward trend of such prior to the 60's when immunizations were started into use. One would think that the degree of downward trend would be even greater with the use of immunizations, yet they kept the same neagtive projection. So if effect, those illness would of been elimated at the same rate without immunizations. (i.e The reason is better water, food standards, livign conditions, sanitation, health care, etc.

However, These has been a substantial increase in autism, immune systems illness (i.e Lupus) sicne the use of vaccines. Suddent Infant Daeth SYndrom was very rare until massive immunizations were employed, now SIDS often happens right after immuniation.

These is alot of proof, but people just don't want to se it. Vaccines have turned into a multi-billiion dollar insdutry, and yet we don't want to think corrupion.... See More

Again, I am not saying that everything is bad and that no immuization is right. But most people do not have all the information, or are lead to believe something else when offered a immunization.

As for the number of immnizations reagrding the numer of deaths or complications, this is a normal "Public health" response, stating that for the greater good, we should immunize many even thought it will kill some. That is great for the many, but what about the mom who just lost a child for what she was told was a safe injection?

Again, it should be about honest and informed consent, not withholding of information.