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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What are you capable of?

I often wonder what one could accomplish if only he didn't limit himself. I know that for some, it is good to know what their limitations are and to work within those limitations. But how does one actually know how far they can go, and where to set their limitations?

I have met many people who I know could perform at a higher level, or could obtain loftier goals, could excel to greater heights, but they have limited themselves with self-established parameters.

Are these types of situations luck? Or are they an example of believing that one can do much more than most think possible. Or is God's hand involved at some level?

Maybe that is where our understanding of God comes in. Yes God created man with certain abilities and certain limitations, but God has no limitations, nor did he ever say that he will keep us within certain parameters. If He so desired, He could allow, or even assist us to perform beyond what we perceive to be our limits.

If we choose self-serving goals, I venture to say that God might show somewhat limited interest. But God-Serving Goals might just bring about a whole different situation.

Liz (My Wife) and I often dream about of life over the next 20 years. We are not sure where God will lead us (i.e. South America Missionaries, Africa, Central America, Indian Reservation in North Dakota, etc) but I feel that whereever he leads us, if we focus on serving Him and not ourselves, we will experience and participate in events and endeavors well beyond what we had ever expected to be possible.

What do you think you are capable of with God at your side?

What do you think your limitations are?

Do you think God would agree?

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Fleetwood being the town in which I lived during my school years!