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Monday, January 25, 2010

Who are more dangerous: The Lesbians or the Protestants?

When I first saw this video, I thought to myself, I can't share this with anyone, it will offend my good protestant friends. ( I have many friends and even extended family that are Protestants)

However as the day progressed, I pondered in my mind the message, and I couldn't help but see substantial truth with the main point of this video.

Now for many Protestants, and I would assume is applicable for a good majority, they have only been raised Protestant. If not raised Protestant, their only in-depth exposure has been with a protestant faith. In either case, they don't know any different, and they are not willing accomplices in regard to this significant issue.

As for the Lesbians - we can only pray that someday God will allow, and they will be open to see, the sin of their choice to act upon their unnatural and destructive impulses. They as people are not unloved, just their sin.

Pastoral Disclaimer: I weighed the "Risk versus Benefit" of posting this video, knowing that some might be offended, that is not my intent, but I feel that there is truth contained within the video of such significance that the benefit outweighed the risk.

God's peace and truth is my intent!

1 comment:

BroJer said...

Sharing truth is always a risk, Deacon Pat! And, if we get real, REAL... good at it, we will get killed!!

Here is exactly where many even strong "Catholics" bow under pressure...when there is the possibility that speaking out may make them look bad, or they may hurt somebodies feelings. How many babies died today alone, because people had the chance to speak truth, but chose to stay in the "comfort zone".

I have been to the March in DC and it is great. It is great because it brings so many people together to stand up for truth.. But now that it is over, and all have returned to the daily routine, now what do we do?

You just did it! One by one, right where we are, we need to take risks! "Casual Christians become Christian Casualties"!

While many can hold signs, march in a crowd of thousands, may have suffered an uncomfortable bus ride with a bunch of wild teens, then go home and pat themselves on the back and think they have really done something about abortion, if that was true, that something had REALLY been done, this would not be year 37 of marching and chanting and waving banners and shouting slogans. I am not saying we should not have the March for Life! Nobody flog me here!!!

The real change will only come...when one heart at a time is changed!We need major "heart surgery" in this country, and that takes place one on one.

If every person who went to the March in DC, came home and took one risk...and help change one heart....maybe, after each one of them did the same, and then again...we could cancel the March for next year because we would be to busy...speaking truth to one person at a time, and caring for all the babies that would not die! Attending so many weddings between a man and a women, churches would be triple booked for weddings, baptisms and we would have a new generation of bold witnesses for the Gospel.

Martin Luther King, marched on Washington, Yet...it was his bold speaking of truth...his lifestyle and death, that changed this country!

Yes, I too have a dream! SO DO YOU!

Changing hearts...that is our call...and you just touched mine..with truth!

Thanks, Deacon Pat, for taking a risk1

In Christ, Bro Jer