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Saturday, May 01, 2010

My Prayerful Quest Climbing Castle Craggs Mountain

I planned a day to climb a mountain, just me and my thoughts, a day as of old, a climb as a prayerful journey to feel God's presence. Here is "Castle Craggs" near Redding California, and I climbed it this morning as a spiritual journey.

Early in the morning I arrived at the Park.

The hike is a relatively short hike, 2.7 miles each way, only a 5.4 mile hike, but it climbs 2000 feet and is considered a "Strenuous" Hike.

I began the hike just as the sun was beginning to shine.

The trail was well maintained.

It didn't take long to begin to see a few glimpses of the destination point.

I was the only person on the trail in the early morning, what a great opportunity to share my thoughts and questions with God.

As I climbed, it become more and more beautiful.

There were many areas that trees had fallen onto the trail and a detour was needed.

In the distance I could see Mount Shasta, snow covered, the massive mountain almost blended right into the sky.

Castle Dome

As I ascended, the rock formations were not only huge, but magnificent!

With the ever increasing elevation, objects began to take on a whole new appearance.

Then the trail began to be a little more tricky and difficult.

Don't you just love the trees that settle themselves in areas of protection.

The air was so crisp and clear and there was such a silence that your thoughts were almost audible. 
I felt a surreal feeling of being high in the sky and surrounded with peace.

This was a great place to take a quick break, eat a power bar, 
drink some water, and just take in the God's creation.

And then back on the trail I encountered snow.

And then the snow was gone and the trail was once again visible.

The more I climbed, the larger details were exposed and I was able to see a much grander picture.

And then I made it to the Top. 
King of the mountain, 
at least King for the moment, 
but actually humbled by the experience.

The view of Mount Shasta from the summit.

Another summit view.

The view and surrounding area was breathtaking.

You could see for miles in all directions.

.....and then I began my decent from that holy and peaceful place, 
the summit, the highest place, the closest to God that I would reach today.

As I descended I began to summarize my reflections, my thoughts, and my inspirations......

It quickly became apparent, God sent his spirit to me today and spoke to me deeply, connected with my soul and refreshed my being....... I am forever grateful and humbled by His power and saving grace.

Here is a short video of some of my thoughts and reflection during the prayerful journey..

1 comment:

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Dear Deacon Pat,

Thank you for taking me with you to the hike. I must admit I was a little nervous in the car when you were driving ... you see, here in the UK we drive on the left and I realised after a moment or two that it was OK after all!

The hike seemed too steep for me with those 25 Degree gradients. I could hardly keep up with you from my chair!

I like what you said about our perception of reality changes. It's so true.

Thanx Deacon Pat. God bless you.