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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Spiritual Friend

Father J.B. was visiting from Africa -Kenya,  and I sincerely enjoyed our brief visit. Father comes to America each year to relieve a local priest for his vacation and visit with us (Disciples of Jesus and Mary).

Father J.B. and my Family

Speaking to Father, although he would never criticize the U.S., I realized that our parishes are much different. He spoke of his parish and parishioners as a community. He stated that if ever a parishioner was ever in need, the fellow parishioners would automatically make sure they were taken care of, at least their basic needs. 

Does this happen in our parish, or the parishes in the U.S.


I am humbled and a little ashamed that we are so self-centered that we don't even see this as a HUGE problem.

We are not a community as much as a gathering of people who serve themselves.......

Oh, how we need to change!

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