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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby-boomers Cause Social Security Crisis in Amercia

Lets take a moment to think about the Social Security Crisis. Social Security was a program established to care for the elderly, a safety net. The program was designed to have "The Many" (active working people) contribute to care for "The Few" (elderly). Yet the baby-boomers participated in and promoted to such an extreme in abortion, they killed so many, that "The Many" is now too small to care for the elderly.

The average birthrate in America is 1.2 children per married couple. This is to say, for every 2 people, they are replaced by 1. How can this reproductive rate sustain a program that requires an increasing reproductive rate, yet even more importantly, how can a society sustain itself when it continues to shrink?

Abortion is a killing ideology...... it not only kills the innocent child, the woman's soul, and is killing America.

When will the world open their eyes....... The only cure is "A Culture of Life!"

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