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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Abbey of New Clairvaux - Vina, California

Entrance to the Monastery


The Guesthouse

The Vineyards

The Chapter House

Inside the Chapter House

The Sacred Stones

A Piece of Heaven

There is holiness on the monastery grounds

Liz and I have been visiting the monastery for over a decade and have made such wonderful friends: Father Paul, Brothers Rafael and Placid, and so many more.  Each time we visit for spiritual direction, or for a retreat, we are reminded of the peacefulness of simplicity and the holiness found in calmness. I have included this special place in both of my novels because I can see and feel God's presence there, and want to be able to share the miraculous feeling with others. Vina has helped form who we are and I expect will continue to be a tool in shaping who we will become.

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