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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mackenzie's Missionary Adventures

My name is Mackenzie Kearns. I am sixteen years old and a freshman at Shasta College in Redding, California. For the past six years I have spent my summers missioning in Guatemala and have fallen in love with the missionary life. I look forward to spending time with the 2 million youth and young adults from all over the world that will attend this event (World Youth Day 2013 in Brazil). I am very excited to see the Pope and cannot wait to see what comes from this experience.

I am currently fundraising for my trip to Brazil this summer. You can help me by gifting financially. No amount is too small and whatever you can give is greatly appreciated. If you are not capable of gifting me financially please keep me, my group, and all of the youth and adults participating in World Youth Day in your prayers. 

From Dad: 

"I am so proud of Mackenzie. She finished High School 2 years early and is already in college. She is finishing her 4th college level Spanish course and is now fluent in Spanish. She DOES have big dreams and works hard to make them a reality. She dances, plays the piano, performs, and can do just about anything she chooses to do. After 6 summers in Guatemala, she is drawn to missionary life / experiences. But most all, she is special because of her wonderful heart."

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