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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sickness, Life Surprises, Tragedy, Hope, Suffering ???

We received a call that a friend had a seizure out of the blue. He had no history of a seizure disorder, so he was rushed off the the hospital.

He was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He will be flown to San Francisco for surgery and treatment.

Prior to a few days ago, this was a typical family, A Mom, A Dad, Children.

They had hopes and dreams just like the rest of us. What they didn't have is any idea that their life would be turned upside down within a few short days.

Could this same thing happen to us tomorrow, next month, next year?

How does anyone cope with the idea that what we perceive to be a safe and secure life, might not be that at all, and we are just not aware of the future?

Did this couple have any idea that their life would be like this?

I cannot imagine what life would be like without the faith that all things in life, good and bad happen for a reason. Usually for a reason so far beyond my understanding.

I am often asked by clients or friends:

"Why did the mother of those 4 children have to die," or

"Why was he molested as a child," or

"Why does that man beat his wife, and why does she stay with him," or

"Why am I addicted to drugs, or pornography."

These are questions beyond my understanding.

However, I do believe that God is not behind any type of evil.

Some things are a result of our free will and making poor choices in life, Like opening the door to addition by experimenting with drugs and alcohol, allowing filth into our minds with pornography, removing ourselves so far from God that our anger begins to take control of our lives.

But that doesn't explain why bad things sometime happen to good people.

I cannot explain that one at all.

I do find comfort however with the idea that where we really want to be is in heaven, no matter how much we love our spouses, our children, our family and friends, our goal is not to sustain our lives here on earth forever and ever, but to rather fulfill our lives here on earth serving God and the Body of Christ up to the time that God is willing to take us to heaven. For some of us it will be in our old age, for others at a young age. Any feelings of sorrow is only for those left behind, not for the one who is in heaven.

Life here on earth is full of joy, but also full of sadness, worry, stress, anger, and at times fear.

These life changing events that seem to pop up all around me at an even increasing frequency, are a constant reminder to live my life each day to the fullest, always looking for Christ in all around me, serving them and Him, attempting to progress in holiness with that goal of transforming into a heavenly being some day.
I will never know when I will be taken to heaven, not until that day comes.
I am also reminded to love my children and my wife each day as if it might be the last that I will see them here on earth. I don't mean that this should be done in fear or in fright, but rather in thankfulness, and in respect for the generosity of such gifts given to me from God, also knowing that these gifts of a beautiful wife, smart and talented children, have always been gifted to me as a custodian, loaned and entrusted to me, only until He (God) desires to request them back, and then one day we can all become one in heaven with our Creator.

I cannot take away the pain and the worry of so many that find themselves in a circumstance that they were in no way prepared for.
I can only pray that God will intervene with his generous graces to not only provide strength and peace, but that He will allow a growth in faith, understanding, and holiness in them.

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