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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wine and Beer

I have always been a beer drinker.

I loved almost any kind of beer, and then one day I was exposed to Guinness.

Well, need I say any more? There really isn't any other type of beer when compared to Guinness.

However, if Guinness was just not available, there is another that would due in a pinch, It is called "Chimay," a beer made by Belgian monks. Kidding aside, this is a very good beer, better than any other I have ever tasted......

However, to get to the point of this post - A few months ago I discovered wine. I must say, it was my brother Kevin who has a wine cellar as big as our living room, and it was he who exposed Liz and I to wine and I have come to appreciate a good glass of wine.

It has always bewildered me how so many protestants believe that wine is sacrilegious and an evil vice. I don't know where that comes from? Jesus himself drank wine and commented on how good it was.

Now I can have a great balance in my life (Guinness, Chimay, and a variety of good, and not so good wines)

Another reason why I am thankful that I am a Catholic......

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