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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Just Plain Mean

Why is it that some people are just "plain old mean."
I was recently totally offended by a person of authority that publicly made a negative statement about homeschooling when he knows that we are a homeschooling family. This is the same person who publicly stated that he doesn't like home schools, but doesn't have a problem asking for help from my kids during school hours since the traditional public schoolers are not available.
Why do people say mean things? I often have this conversation with my wife. My usual response it that the mean person is mean because he is miserable and sees life through miserable eyes. It is often very difficult for the miserable person to see the good in the world, the good in life, the good in alternative things (like homeschool) especially when it isn't their idea.
My being offended quickly evaporates when I consider the source. By the way, Jesus was the victim of many mean people, many people who could not see the beauty around them, many people who could not see beyond their own ideas.
I pray for the people, the people in which meanness has invaded their being. Is it a mental illness, is it a spiritual illness, what is the source of their anger?????
Or does it really matter.......
Yes, it does matter, they are also children of God. Maybe they just need a spanking!
Just Kidding.
Time for evening prayers, better go....

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