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Monday, July 14, 2008

Sacrifice- Means Something When It Doesn't Feel Good

You know that life is tough when you have to make a decision and the inner battle turns your gut. My son is a great athlete and would like to play High School Football, but our kids are home schooled.

We home school for a reason. Life in High Schools today are so counter-christian, counter respect, and rotten, that we choose to not send our kids there.

Life in general is nothing like public school and I can find no reason to send our children there. Except, only traditional High Schools offer tackle football.

I have such great memories of football, the battles, the victories, the losses, the injuries, the excitement, the personal growth, and the friendships.

I want my son to experience everything that I experienced and more.

The only way he could play high school sports is to at least attend some classes
at the high school.
Seems innocent enough ----well, slippery slope, and access that the devil would love.

Exposing Sean to all that is now included in modern high schools would be in opposition to everything we have been teaching and practicing up to now.

Why would we subject his mind to such a thing while he is still being formed into the man that he will become.

Sean does have access to team sports through ACA (American Christian Academy), an organization of home school athletes that form a team and challenge other similar teams and high school teams.

They have soccer, baseball, and basketball.

Sean can also play American Legion baseball.

But, No Football.......

Sacrifice means sometimes not being able to do everything you want in life in order to acquire the desired goal or purpose.

Our purpose is to raise the best children that we possibly can, encourage them to know our Lord, to respect others, and to see Christ in everyone that we meet.

Public High School doesn't fit into this purpose.......

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