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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Value Blindness

When we discuss value blindness, we are not talking about
congenital physical blindness as pictured here.
But rather a blindness that could be compared more to a color blindness.

Because of our upbringing, our experience, and our culture conditioning, we may, like a color-blinded individual, be unable to see one or the other particular value in its full intensity.
- for example: Someone who was brought up to be self-sufficient might be blind to the truly blameless poverty of those whose disadvantages can only be overcome by outside assistance.
- or another person whose TV viewing was filled with violent scenes projected as signs of an admirable masculinity may be blind to the virtues connected with peacemaking.
Value Blindness in a particular area can arise from fears for ourselves and our loved ones, anxieties that come when we isolate a given area from the reach of God's providential love.
- for example, the tragic decision for an abortion may seem inevitable if the birth and subsequent care of the child is tightly linked to the question:
Where is the money going to come from?
Worries about present and future economic considerations can effectively block out awareness of god's plan for this child.
In all the confusion it is forgotten that God has allowed this little one to come into being at this time and that each person is special in God's eyes.
I myself am color blind.
A long time ago I realized that I do not see the world exact the same way that many other people see the world.
That is a fact.
I also realize that there are truths in life that I cannot see, yet they are still truths.
I just received this e-mail asking for prayers:
Please pray for a young girl named "S" and her unborn baby. "S" just found out she is pregnant and her parents and boyfriend are pleading her to get an abortion. My daughter Sarah is trying her hardest to convince "S" to have the baby. Apparently, "S" has an appointment next week to have the abortion. We all know the power of prayer can save this little baby’s life. "S" is very scared right now.

I expect that "S" is experiencing at least some degree of value blindness.
Please pray for her that God will not be pushed out of the picture and that his grace will be accepted in this very difficult and painful time for this young girl.
Also, think about how you would want to react in a similar situation, and what type of value blindness you might experience......

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