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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Radical Catholics

I was talking to a group of catholics tonight during the "Be Not Afraid Family Hour" at church and we discussed the need to be a "Radical Catholic."

No, I don't mean being a crazy lunatic!!!!
We talked about the need to embrace our faith.
We live in a world that is Anti-Christian at its core
and to live a true and devote catholic life we would be considered a radical.
Think about it, the minimal standard for being a catholic is weekly Mass and confession 1 x year (unless mortal sin exists) and that is the bench mark for most catholics.
The minimal standard is what so many set as their goal.
Think about it, the minimal standard.
Are you happy being a minimal catholic, otherwise known as a "Luke-Warm" catholic.
Do many people that know you have no idea that you are catholic?
What does that say about you? Are you embracing your faith?
Shouldn't daily Mass be the minimal standard for someone who is embracing their faith,
weekly confession, daily rosary or divine mercy chaplet, or the Liturgy of the Hours?

If we are truly living our faith, truly living the gift given to us by God (faith), shouldn't we look radical in contrast to the world around us?

Do you look radically different or do you blend in?
I hope to look radical to the Pagans, if not, what then am I?

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