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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Catholic Family Camping Trip

We have only been back from our vacation for ~ 1 week and we loaded up the truck for yet another fun trip.

After an hour of driving we arrived at Mount Shasta along with over 100 parishioners for a family camping weekend.

It didn't take long to set up the tents and then off to the beach.

Where did the ball go?

There was a surprise guest, Father Avram from Rome (sitting down).

My little friend Joe, and I hopped in the double kayak and took a tour of the lake.

I told Joe there was only one rule in kayaking - never stand up!

Well, I should have used reverse psychology.

Carolyn and Karen in the single kayaks.

Emily and Mac on a double kayak in the middle of the lake.
They were so fast, Joe and I almost couldn't catch them.

Having fun

Youth having fun!

Steve - What a stud!

How many people can you get in the back of a truck?

If we were in Guatemala, we could fit another family of 8 and their 12 chickens in the back.

Outdoor Mass
Father Avram and Me (Deacon Pat)
-Our first Mass together-
Check it out!
Deacon Pat, Father Avram, Father Uriel

The first reading

Ed and Sal getting ready for dinner. We ate like Kings and Queens all weekend.
Happy Birthday Sal (I'll keep the secret)

Time for smores......

What do you mean..... Did I have "how many smores?"
but can I have one smore?"

Hey, is that one for me?


We had great music and singing each night.

Father Ben just finished a vacation in Alaska and stopped by to join in with the fun.
Listen to him sing.

Father Ben stated that he was influenced and formed in many ways by the Irish priests from the diocese. Here he is singing another Irish song.

Could you believe that it started to snow?

It was 75 degrees and snowing.

Just kidding about the snow, it is just my cheap camera and all the ashes.
Here is JREM (Seminarian) giving a heartfelt personal testimony.

Praise and worship songs - no we are not Protestants! We are the original!


Each night turned into a party (family friendly)

After most departed, some were able to visit a nearby home and then Sunday Morning we enjoyed Mass.

Father Avram will be heading back to Rome for 1 final year - what a gift - to leave us with Mass.

There is something so very special about a Home Mass.

The holiness of the Mass
Check it out!
Liz saying good-bye for now to my friend and her adopted son - Father Avram.

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