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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Don't you just love those "Ah Ha" moments

I was sitting on the sofa reading when all the sudden it hit like a brick...... You know those rare moments when out of the blue an answer to a question comes to you so clearly that it is unmistakable, unmistakable that the source was from something much greater than yourself.
Often these moments answer one of life's truths even when you really didn't know the question specifically, even though it had been at the core of a personal struggle.
I often feel troubled by the state of our culture, our society, and how I perceive it to be on a rapidly downward spiral in regard to morality, values, and ethics.
It is easy to attempt to place the blame on this occurrence, that group of individuals, or even a technology.
Then it hit me!
The only person to really blame is myself. I don't mean in a self-loathing sort of way, but in another sense...... Hear me out and see what you think.
I truly only have control over myself. If I was completely and truly living my Faith (lets be honest; have anyone of us embraced our faith with such fervor, diligence, fortitude, and persistence as is asked of us?) I could of made a significant difference in at least one person's life.
If by my example, and God's grace, I could help to make some small change in the world, and that change is a catalyse for another change, and so on, and so on, get my point.
SO, the point that hit my like a ton of bricks, is that my focus should be not so much on identifying the wrongs of the world, but to be that Christ-like presence to the world.
The battle against good and evil will persist until that final day, it isn't up to me so much to devote an abundance of time identifying just how bad certain aspects of this culture actually has become, as it is to be that shining light to the world.
By being such a loving light, the contrast with be so evident, that anyone will be able to see so much in life as it really is, without the greyness of deception, and then who would not want to choose Love, Life, and Happiness over such alternatives.
Thank God for those "Ah Ha" moments that for some can be dismissed so quickly, although for that individual, they are a personal and unique connection with our creator, a capturing of grace, and when applied to our lives, are food for holiness, and a step closer to everlasting life.

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