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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Men's Group

We had our gathering last evening for "The Men's Group." I asked the men to raise their hands if they had ever participated in a men's group before - many hands were raised.... and then a man stated "You mean a Spiritual men's group," I responded by saying yes... then all the hands fell.
Do men not attend spiritual Men's groups? I guess not, but why?
These men appeared to have a great time. We read 3 short Gospel readings, meditated on the readings for a few minutes, and then shared our personal reflections. Each man's sharing stimulated sharing from another. Here we were, 13 men, I assume various backgrounds (we never asked about occupations) sharing and discussing life's realities in a Christian context, in a manly forum.
The ages of this group ranged from twenties to seventies and everything in between.
It was the sharing of our perspectives, perspectives that also contain many life lessons, that resonated with such truth. There was wisdom, such wisdom being shared back and forth between men of faith. There was such humility being expressed in some of life's struggles, and advice kindly and gently expelled, not from an authoritarian stance, but from rather the result of wounds of failures, and eventual positive strides.
Men have so much to gain from the wisdom of other men, yet for so many, they do not have the access, nor the opportunity.
Without such a group, or honest male friendships, where do men obtain helpful feedback, spiritual guidance, Christian modeling of attitudes, behaviors, and character?
I am so thankful that we have this opportunity to meet every 3 weeks, a room full of catholic men, sharing our Christians lives, supporting each other, helping to see through the fog of temptations, trials, and vices, all the while journeying toward personal growth, growth in holiness.
Next Meeting:
November 9, 2009 at Our Lady of Mercy Parish Hall, Room 3, 700 pm - 8:30 pm
- you are welcome to come -

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