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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Do You Realize Just How Special You Are?

So many people have such a dislike of themselves.
They compare themselves to others and feel inferior.
The problem with comparing, is that one usually finds themselves comparing themselves against the unique gifts of others, their talents, wishing they could be as talented, as pretty, as attractive, as strong, as funny, as intelligent, as athletic, etc.
The only person we truly know, completely know, good qualities, faults, and fears is ourself.
When we begin to compare ourselves against others, we begin to compare our entire being, the good, the bad, and the ugly, against our limited perception of the other person.
Not a fair fight one might say.
We can only see in the other person what they are willing to show of themselves, what about those hidden issues? Not a fair comparisons.
And what makes this issue of comparing ever worse, one might find themselves comparing themselves against the best qualities of numerous different people all at once.
What.... comparing one person against the best qualities of 10 different people..... Not Fair!
As my North Dakota Cousins might say "Ya Bet Ya!"
If you find yourself beginning to compare yourself to others, run away from such a thought and run fast... it can only bring despair, depression, and sadness...all of which is grounded in a false sense of reality and even more important, a false sense of truth!
God has created all of us so very uniquely, and created us for a particular purpose in life. Never compare yourself or your accomplishments to others, that was not God's plan for you.
God has a particular purpose for you unique to anyone else's plan or purpose. It has nothing to do with anyone else's abilities or accomplishments, it is about you and God.
I often think of Mother Teresa.
To just look at her, she might be considered, well lets keep this real, she is down right Not Attractive.
But, how many people would describe her as simply beautiful.
I would.
She radiated beauty.
Do you think she compared her looks against others.
I doubt it.
She was more concerned about living her life as God was directing her, uniquely her, and was trying to be the instrument that God created her to be.
Forget about everyone else, and be the person, the unique person that God has created you to be.
You will find such freedom is such thinking, you will not only feel wonderful, you will radiate a pureness, a uniqueness, a charism that is independently you.
Beautifully you!

Can you see the inner beauty when it is unleashed and not held up to,

not compared to, anything, but just enjoyed as a gift from God.

You have such gifts also, develop them, use them,

Be the unique creature that God created you to be!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Brilliant post. I was going to use this theme in one of my Father Ignatius stories: "Love others as you love YOURSELF". But you beat me to it.

I like reading your Blog. Thank you for posting.

God bless you and yours.

Mark San Miguel said...


Mark San Miguel said...


Deacon Pat said...

Thanks Guys for reading...... Its nice to know that someone actually reads my thoughts.... However, your both too kind!