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Monday, December 07, 2009

Why Lust is such a problem for Men.

Everywhere you turn there are sexual images taunting men. Here is an average, ever so common ad on Facebook and many other advertising venues.

Men are aroused by their sense of sight. When a man sees a picture like this, he might turn away, he might turn the channel, he might immediately close the Internet page.

But guess what, the image is already ingrained in his mind. The damage has been done.

Women might have difficulty understanding how severe this is, they are not aroused in the sameway men are.

Women are aroused by feelings, not so much by sight. Yes there are exceptions, but I am elaborating in general terms.

I was with a group of catholic men the other day and I asked "what is the greatest challenge for Catholic men today," unanimously they answered "Chastity."

Does that mean that most men will have affairs, cheat of the wives, NO!

Battling temptations and thoughts are much different than acting upon them.

However, every sin if traced to its origination was once just a thought.

Men must understand, the impure thought must be handled immediately and disposed of quickly. Because if it isn't, it will undoubtedly lead to sin.

Thoughts quickly can lead to fantasizing, fantasizing often turn into impulses, impulses lead to behaviors and actions, behaviors and actions lead to habits.......

I have warned my son for years, be careful what you allow into your mind through your eyes, because once it is let in, it can never be removed.

Carelessly allowing unholy things into your mind can lead to a lifetime of struggle and pain attempting to ward off the effects of such.

We must be constantly on guard of what is seen with our eyes, avoiding all venues that promote such things that will cause damage to minds and soul.

We must quickly ask God to removed from our imaginations, at the moment of connection, all impure images.

Men - we are being attacked relentlessly by the evil of the devil and his demons. They have been studying us since our creation and will look for our weakness and attempt to separate us from all that is good and holy in our lives.

Many men have fallen, actually all have fallen, don't give up. Go to confession, be honest, confess your sins, receive the grace and the forgiveness. The devil will try to instill a sense that it has gone too far, you have sinned too much...... you have created a habit.

Don't listen, God is reaching out to you. Just by Reading this post, God is calling you back to him.

Return to being the man God originally created you to be.

Get rid of the things that feed the lust in your life.

Get rid of the TV. (Are you crazy) Is your soul worth it...... Eternity, is it worth it?

Stop buying those magazines (I don't just mean Playboy), I mean all those magazines that use advertising that plant images in your mind (That is almost all modern magazines)

Take back control of your life.

Make the bold changes that God is now asking you to make.

Don't turn your back on him.........

Anger and Lust are the two sins that affect all men, don't fool yourself. No man is capable or strong enough to do it on his own. We must pray, we must ask for his help, but we must do our part as well.

We need to be men who live in this world, but are not of this world. Be bold, be courageous, disconnect the TV, throw it away, it is killing your soul.........

The Internet, get a filter, those unstoppable images are stronger that you are, don't fool yourself, day by day, they are being implanted into your mind.......

There is not a man alive who doesn't have issues with Lust, are you willing to deal with them or not?

The only way to address this sinful epidemic is a full-bore counter attack..... Are you willing to fight back, or are to too attached to the pleasure of the sin?

God will help you, but you have to have the desire........

Do you have the desire?

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