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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Old Man and the Sea.

I just finished watching a great movie called "The Old Man and the Sea."

This movie is about a struggle between an old man and the nature. The old Cuban fisherman Santiago has been set out to sea four 85 days and returned home empty handed. So conspicuously unlucky is he that the parents of his young devoted apprentice and friend, Manolin, have forced the boy to leave the old man in order to fish in a more prosperous boat. Nevertheless, the boy continues to care for the old man upon his return each night. He helps the old man tote his gear to his ramshackle hut, secures food for him, and discusses the latest developments in American baseball, especially the trials of the old man's hero, Joe DiMaggio. Santiago is confident that his unproductive streak will soon come to an end, and he resolves to sail out farther than usual the following day.

And then something remarkable happens, but I won't give away the story.

What I enjoyed the most about this story was hearing the thoughts of Santiago as he battles opposition after opposition.

There was a similarity with that of a Christian attempting to live in a sinful world, and the battles that we are presented with, obstacles that we must embrace, and the virtue and character of a humble and just man.

This is a great movie!

The Movie was based on Hemingway's famous book.


Anonymous said...

hmmm...better than with spencer tracer 1958?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

i meant spencer tracy...haste makes waste

Deacon Pat said...

I have heard that the one with Spencer Tracy was excellent, But I have yet to see it.