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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walk For Life West Coast (January 23rd, 2010)

Yesterday was the "Walk For Life - West Coast." I wasn't able to make it this year due to a parish commitment, but sure missed connecting with all the people who are fighting for the lives of innocent children.

Watch this great video to get an idea of the March,
its mission, and the hostility of the Culture of Death.

We often forget that God is continually sending his grace down upon all of us. Not all accept it, at least not at this time in their lives, but the grace is always there. It only takes one instant of accepting his grace, allowing his truth to be heard, that a person can instantly change.

Let us all pray that those who support the evil of abortion will one day accept God's grace and see it for what it really is: Murder!

Let us also do more than just pray, let us take some form of action to help spread God' s truth to the world.

What if God has been waiting for you to respond to make a change in this battle of evil, and yet you have not taken any action?

What if there are 100's, 1000's, or even 10,000's who know that abortion is wrong, but haven't done anything to show the world just how wrong it is?

What if each one us began this week by doing something, some little thing to be an active force in combating this injustice. Then all of the sudden, there could be millions of us uniting to stop the devil and the evil that has been perpetuated as Good!


Dave in SF Archdiocese said...

I just started reading your blog this past year with my entrance intoi diaconate program and was actually keeping an eye out for you at the Walk just in case so as to introduce myself..

It was AWESOME...38-40K police estimate whihc is above excpected crowd. So HUGE this year that once we towards front reached Crissy Field destination, the rear of the March was just leaving Justin Herman Plaza. FANTASTIC.

As speeches in plaza went on the rain began pouring but it only seemed to energize us more. Rain was accepted as penance added to prayers. Ptotestors were real minimal but mainline media makes it seem almost equal...Uggh.

Mass at cathedral beforehand (8AM) was concelebrated by 8 bishops and the place was PACKED.

Deacon Pat said...

I am sorry I couldn't make it this year, I would of loved to meet you. Maybe we can see each other next year, I reaaly missed attending and I hope not to miss again next year (God Willing).

Dave said...

SWEET photo of the Walk for Life at top of blog today. THANKS!