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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our Priest Appreciation Night

Our Local Youth and Young Adult Groups hosted a "Priests Appreciation Night"
in honor our our Priests and in the spirit of the Year of the Priest.

The Priests were cooked and served a Gourmet dinner.

They even used the good dishes (I think?)

My favorite appetizers (Lumpia).

Served by two outstanding waiters, Brandon and my son Sean.

Then the evening began with the hilarious help of Weston and "Mike the Seminarian."

The priests were all applauded for their efforts and who they are to us, our Spiritual Fathers.

We had a great time visiting with friends.

Everyone had a wonderful time, Our Catholic Family!

Opportunity to reunite with people we haven't seen for awhile, and some new friends.

The Youth took charge of the night and provided an atmosphere of energy and fun.

Then..... The skits began.

Check out Father Ben cracking up!

Sean and Ronnie showing us their magical talents.

Well maybe not so magical, but funny!


The Catholic School verse Protestant / Charter School Skit!

Was this hilarious or what?

Showing us the 'Moves."

I often think that these priests don't realize just how loved they are.

They have become such a big part of our lives, have become our family, and that was what this night was all about, to remind them that they are a part of us, that we love them more than they realize, and their life sacrifice means everything to us.

Then each priest was called up and given a homemade stole with "The Year Of The Priest" embroidered on it.

Our Priests

Then everyone took turns greeting all of them and reminded each one of just how much we love them.

What an emotional time, knowing that hundreds of people love you, care about you, and would do anything for you.

And then the dancing began!

"The Priests"

We love you guys.

And then all that was left was the clean up......

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