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Friday, August 05, 2011

Societal Collapse - Are You Ready

As I return to work after a month of vacation and disconnection from the world, I am abruptly thrust back into a reality that life isn’t as calm and peaceful as my vacation journey had been.

I immediately reconnect with the patients in the psychiatric hospital and their world of delusions, paranoia, misperceptions and fear, yet at times they see the world more clearly than most of us.

I am then barraged with information from the radio and Internet of the declining economy and approaching collapse of the America that I once knew.

I began to clearly see that the world around me is changing and changing rather quickly. Some of the people around me see the effects of the deterioration as they have their hours cut, benefits reduced, and wages decreased, while others are laid off. However for many that have not yet been affected, they continue to blindly ignore the signs and live in their perceived world of content and optimism.

However, the collapse of the society as we know it is not such a bad thing. Yes, you did hear me correctly. The collapse of our society is not only a good thing, but will in the end bring hundreds of thousands back into a sense of a true reality and will reunite them back with God.

Most of us have lived in a world and society of such wealth and gluttony that many in America have lost their connection with God. At least they have forgotten, or never understood that there really is a supreme being that is capable of controlling everything in life.

The world as we know it, at least for most of us reading this article is a world of such self-centerdness, greed, horror, and pride that it is a world that more closely resembles hell than heaven.

I have pondered what it would take to open the eyes of those around me to see just how “wrong” our culture is and how far we have strayed from the goodness of the earlier society. I have come to the conclusion that the only thing, save God’s direct intercession, would be a total collapse of our society and for individuals to experience true hardship.

And what I mean by true hardship is not one of mere pride as relying on food stamps or unemployment wages, but one where there really isn’t any food or water, nor shelter, and a lack of clothing.

Most people have never endured real hardship; they have never had a true inability to provide for their and their family’s basic needs. They had never been in a circumstance where there wasn’t anyone to turn to, no one who could help, but God himself.

It is so easy to forget as Christians that this world is not the end all. This world is only a stepping stone, a “boot camp,” a formation to prepare us for the eternal world. If we fail to grow, if we fail to be formed here, if we fail to grow in union with God and his ways… then we fail completely and have earned our way into hell.


We don’t hear that word often do we, HELL. And I blame the Bishops, Priests, and Deacons for their decades of neglect in regard to teaching the seriousness of our choices in life and the endless repercussions for those unrepentant choices.

I am aware that God’s mercy is great and that he wants all of us to repent and come to him… But let’s face it, very few have separated from their sinful ways and turned to God. So if they haven't done the 180 and turned toward God, who then are they walking toward? Lucifer!

I do not wish harm to anyone, especially my family and friends, I love them, yet so many are in great need of awakening. As I speak the truth, and God help me in doing so, I will either be disregarded as a nut, or stir anger for the “Feel Good – Its all Good” generation, but hopefully for some I will help open their eyes to what is about to occur in our nation.

Yes, we should begin to get our houses in order. We should begin to prepare with food and supplies, a survival plan, and develop a network of like-minded individuals for support. It is not deciding if this collapse will happen, but when, and we should be prepared. But most importantly, we are to prepare our minds and our souls for this journey. Beginning with our soul, start with weekly confession. If possible begin with daily communion and read the scriptures. A daily rosary will build the relationship with our holy mother who always intercedes and leads us to her son.

Money will eventually be of little value, friendships will be tested, and resources dwindled until what we are left with are our own God-gifted abilities and those of our friends, and ultimately what God chooses to provide for us. The outcome will ultimately be of God’s choosing.

The best weapon against societal collapse is the spiritual preparation and training that will empower individuals and families to endure and overcome adversity. It really will come to a battle between Good and Evil and the ultimate end will be judged more by your spiritual state in life than by worldly wealth, position, and status.

God’s ways are not our ways and we are about to be pruned and given the opportunity to make our eternal choice….. Are you ready?

1 comment:

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Prayers ... genuine prayers are needed.

Thank you for this post Deacon.

My latest book "Time for Reflections" can be downloaded FREE from www.holyvisions.co.uk

God bless.