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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today was our first "REAL" Football game of the season. I am coaching a 12-14 y.o. city flag football team with two other great coaches. We have a group of 10 good kids, some more athletic than others, but all good kids.Well, Our first game was a tough one. The other team out played us on both offense and defense. At first I was pretty disappointed with our kids but as the day progressed and I had more time to reflect, my out look changed. Our team is almost all 12 year olds, with one 14 year old. It is a 12-14 y.o. division.I think I might of had unrealistic expectations, and wasn't seeing the opportunity given to us. We have been given a very young team that has the opportunity to play together for 3 years. Yes, we might be a little under-developed this year, but we can grow, learn, and prepare ourselves for the future.As always I try to relate my life and experiences to my spiritual life, since God is always working within us, helping us to grow. In many ways, this small football experience can be transferred to our lives. It is our choice to choose disappointment, relating an event to a self-made expectation, or to attempt to see the lesson, the opportunity for growth, the development of virtue, etc.Maybe my goal this year might not be to WIN, as much as to teach and to grow. This is not an easy lesson, I have coached now over 22 teams (Football, Basketball, Baseball) and have become comfortable with Winning most often.The goal in life is not to obtain secular status (i.e. being the ultimate football team) but rather developing a sense of good character, inner achievement, and purifying our souls. At times I can get caught up in challenges, competition with others, and winning, but like always, and I pray that it will continue, God gives me little insights into what is truly important.Please pray that I will be a positive influence on the kids given to me to coach and not the opposite. I was once taught that "When much is given to a person, much is also expected" by God. I feel blessed to be able to coach youth sports, but I also see the responsibility. It is often difficult to get appropriate guidance from others in this highly secular and self-centered world, so I pray that good people come into my life, like exceptional coaches, like the coaches this year (Kurt and Pat F.) as well as the continued Grace of God.Is disappointment really disappointment, or are we most often just looking at it from the wrong direction.

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