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Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Daughter Teaches Me Yet Another Lesson.

My daughter taught me by example the virtue of Fortitude.
Mackenzie set out this year to become a snowboarder, just like her older friends and her older brother. She took on a task that seemed initially impossible for her. She repeatedly spend hour upon hour on the bunny hill, enduring trial after trial that not only included tears, but extreme frustration, and only occasional periods of elation.
It almost seemed that her desire to become a snowboarder was not possible.
Yet, she would not succumb to defeat.
Her frustration was intensified as her older brother would bring a variety of friends to the slopes week after week, and after just an hour of two, they would head up the mountain after having gained the enough of the skill needed to be a "true boarder," yet Mackenzie still could not grasp the skill and didn't seem to posses the ability.
Yet, she would not give up.
And finally, yesterday, after 6 days over a two month period on the bunny hill, it all began to click, she had learned the basics of snowboarding and she was determined, although still filled with some fear, to get on the "Scary" chairlift and head up the huge mountain.
She persevered through what amounted to be huge obstacles to finally reach her goal.
After a few runs down the mountain she had mastered the art of snowboarding and then invited her brother to board with her.
Sean was amazed how skilled and how fast she could now board.
Mackenzie taught us a lesson first hand about perseverance and especially fortitude.


Gift of the Spirit

The gift of fortitude brings to those who have it a dauntless spirit of resolution, firmness of mind, and indomitable will to persevere with a quiet faith in God’s providence that overcomes all obstacles. It also brings courage to persist in the practice of virtue despite trials, illness, persecution or external failure. A Catholic who becomes fervent in God’s service will soon be condemned by the world, but the gift of fortitude will sustain him as he walks toward the Cross.

Fortitude is one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The others are: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.

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