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Saturday, April 05, 2008

More Electricity

How did you spend your Saturday?
Well, for us, we spent a good portion of the day adding more electrical wire to our fence. We live on a acre and our dogs (Titan and J.J.) have become masters of getting off our property and running wild.
The two dogs just realized that they can now dig and go under the fence and not try to jump over the fence and get shocked.
So, We now added a low wire..... They are in for a shocking new experience!!!!!
While we were in the building mood, we also made a great dog pen, for when we need to put the dogs up (i.e backyard party, etc.)
It was a great day working with the kids and building and creating together. There is something about developing a plan in your head, getting the supplies and the tools, and making it come to a reality.
As I grow older, and hopefully wiser, I am beginning to realize that there really isn't many things that we can not accomplish if we put our mind, heart, and energy into it.
This idea of developing interests, imagining plans, creating, and then enjoying the fruits of the creation is such a wonderful process.
I can't help but think that somehow God is involved with these processes. I know that He has given us free will, but I also think that He completely enjoys watching us dream, plan, attempt to create, and then enjoy what we have accomplished.
I also think God laughs at us a lot also..... Oh how God knows how much We laugh at ourselves.
Just a little reflection on my great day with my family.

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