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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Brothers

I grew up with 5 brothers, yes, there were six of us. We grew up in a home with one father and one mother. We had a sister, actually she was the first born. She must of been something very special, God took her to heaven after just one day.
Our home was small, about 800 square feet, but it was a home full of testosterone, but also a home full of love.
So often, we don't appreciate what we have until we realize that we don't have it anymore. I was blessed with 5 great brothers, from 2 great parents.
Mom and dad are both in heaven now, but I still have all 5 of my brothers.
Kevin: Smart, Dedicated, Handsome
Tim: Brilliant, Kind, Oh So Loving, Athletic
Terry: Charismatic, Persistent, Focused, and Spirit filled
Pat: Well that is me!
Mike: Artistic - Not Autistic, A Deep Thinker, Imaginative, Compassionate
Dan: Devoted, Loving, Kind, and Smart
When I look at my brothers, I can see the wonderful qualities of my parents, the grace given to them by God, and the potential that is held within.
There is nothing here on earth more important than family.
Somehow, the society and culture has undermined the innate desire to be surrounded by our own, and encouraged separation and division.
Have you even noticed that special feeling that you have when your are in the presence of a brother or sister, it is beyond what can be described. There is a connection deeper than words, a spiritual connection.
Can you imagine what the feeling with be like when we are next to our Creator and Lord. In some ways I envy what my parents have right now, there are in the presence of all the angels, the saints, the apostles, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Our God.
Lord, help me to not forget what a wonderful gift a family is and to always help create unity and to help encourage the growth of Love.

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