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Friday, May 09, 2008

Our Annivesary is Today (May 9th)

16 years ago today was the start of something that has been more wonderful than anything I could ever describe.
I knew that I was marrying a beautiful, nice, giving and compassionate lady.
What I didn't know is that this same lady would be the best wife, mother, friend, and teacher in the world.
Liz and I have adopted each others good qualities (I taken more than my share of hers), have grown together, have learned from each other, have struggled together, cried together, prayed together, dreamed together, and in so many ways have become like each other.
However, there is so much to Liz, and she is so unique, that nobody can be truly "like" her, she is a true gift and reflection of God to me and to so many others.
18 years ago we became reacquainted after growing up together, dated for 2 years and now married for 16 of the best years of my life.
My love for her grows more each and every day and I can hardly wait for the future......
Thank you Lord for the best gift anyone could ever receive.
A spouse to love and to be loved back.
Someone to care for and to be cared for.
Someone to share my dreams with and to become a part of their dreams.
Someone to experience life with and to a build a life with.
Liz you are so much the source of my strength,
my inspiration, my purpose, and my best friend.

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