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Friday, July 11, 2008

Solemn Profession for Vina Trappist Monk

My Wonderful and special friend, Brother Rapheal Flores, after 11 years of living at the monastery, and progression through the steps of discernment, made his solemn and permanent vows as a Trappist monk.

Brother Rapheal standing in front of the Abbott, taking his vows.

All the priests surrounded Brother Rapheal during this special and holy time of consecration.

Abbott Thomas Davis
The Boys (Father Paul, Brother Placid, Deacon Pat)

After the Mass and Ceremony, they had a feast ready for us.

Our children with Brother Michael.

Brother Michael with Liz.

Father Paul, our special friend and spiritual director, with Liz.

The monks are so full of life, happiness, love and joy.

Can you believe they are cloistered?

Maybe that is part of their purity of heart.

It was such a holy and special day.

The special pews for the monks.

My special friends, Brother Placid and Father Paul.

2 years ago we attended Brother Placid's Solemn Profession.

The construction of the sacred Chapter House using the ancient stones from Spain and from the previous Trappist monastery.

What a beautiful project.

This will be a beautiful Chapter House where all the monks will meet to read a chapter from the Rules of Saint Benedict each morning as part of their instruction and meditation.

I can hardly wait until it is finished.

One of the things I enjoy the most regarding these special celebrations is that we are allowed into the cloistered areas.

We feel the holiness of the grounds that we are walking on. You can really feel the prayers.....

Vina is such a special place, beyond my ability to describe.

One of the vineyards off beyond the walnut trees.

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