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Friday, August 08, 2008

California Court Decision - Home School Is Legal

Great victory as of today.

The right to choose to home school our kids was threatened to be made illegal recently by a court ruling, however, almost never heard of, the court after soooo much pressure from the public, reversed its decision and now the home school option remains legal for California families.


Joe said...

Dear Pat

Thanks for the comment on my blog. There are a number of home schooling bloggers here in the UK who will, I hope, find their way to your post on the subject.

You may have already done this, but have you ever posted about the vocation of a permanent deacon? I have some difficulty coming to terms with how this seems to work out in practice here in the UK. I can see very little gain in ordaining the "parish activist" (sorry, an unfair caricature, I know, but I have seen one or two situations where it has seemed little more than this, and lay people have had more real pastoral skill and dynamism in the parish than the deacon); I can see much more point if the permanent deacon has a role as, say, a hospital chaplain or a port chaplain, or a school chaplain, or a particular mission within a diocese. Dioceses here don't always seem to work out a proper role for their deacons, either.

Do you see your diaconal role primarily in the parish? Or in your professional life, which appears a very good example of the "diaconia of service"?

I would be very interested to see your observations on this.

Deacon Pat said...

Thanks Joe. I would love to share my thoughts with you. This is an area that I have given much thought, you might be surprised to hear what I have to say. I will create a post late today.....