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Friday, August 15, 2008

Catholic Drinking

Wine is praised; it rejoices God and men (Judges 9:13);
it gladdens the heart of men (Psalms 104:15);
it gladdens life (Exodus 10:19);
it makes the heart exult (Zechariah 10:7);
it cheers the spirits of the depressed (Proverbs 31:6) . . .
The attitude of Jesus toward wine, like that of the entire Bible, is neutral, praising its use and finding fault in its intemperate use.
Certainly the production of wine at Cana (John 2:1-11) scarcely supports any belief that Jesus or the primitive Church regarded the use of wine as sinful in itself." (Dictionary of the Bible, John L. McKenzie, S.J., Bruce Publishing Co., 1965 ).
I don't know about you, But I receive great joy and satisfaction in a cold beer on a hot summer day. It is currently 112 degrees in Redding, I am getting off work, and going to enjoy a Chimay.

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RomanCatholic Deacon said...

Hi Pat, you forgot this quote: 1Ti 5:23 Do not still drink water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thy frequent infirmities.
I used to be a heavy drinker, a carry-over from being in the Navy, I guess. After I found "religion" at the age of 33, a very strong thought came to me to choose between "wine" or God. I have not touched a drop since, but did vow that on the day of the Great Miracle ( I would have a glass of beer. I believe that Day is coming soon!
Blessings to you & family
Deacon John