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Friday, January 02, 2009

Evil Attacking Our Children - And You Don't Even Know It!

There is an evil force that uses any opportunity to spread its filth and corrupt the minds, especially the minds of the most vulnerable, our children.
You might think that I am over emphasising this danger, and that is just what the devil and his dominions would like you to believe, but here is an example of what is happening right before your eyes.
I was sent a e-mail, through a friend, that describes what is contained in a comic book that comes with "Star Wars" actions figures. It is being read by millions of children without their parents realizing how it is brainwashing their children. (Most Parents will never read the content of their kid's comic books)
The e-mailed example is as follows:
This Christmas my child received some money from relatives which she used to purchase Star Wars action figures. Now, I grew up with the Star Wars action figures and didn't think anything about it. We love star wars. Her toys were so cool, all of the "Princesses" from the entire collection in one box. And, a cool comic book.

She decided it would be fun to read the comic book to my nephew. A few minutes later, a child comes down to tell me that the comic book is inappropriate.
It's Star Wars.
He says, "no Mom the characters are asking the girl to take off her clothes."
I am like, no way! I go running up there to find, yes...it is so.

And I quote, "If you are warm, why don't you remove your clothes and make yourself comfortable?"
She says she's fine.
Then, "Take them off anyway! It would please me, you want to please me, don't you?"
She says no.
Then, she is trying to remove some clothing but says the zipper or button is stuck.
The guy then says, "come here and I'll undo it."
She gets the cape off and is standing if front of him with just the jump suit on.
Then he says, "now the rest of it." (OK, anyone else disgusted here?)
She says, no.
Then he says, "you cannot refuse me! No female can!"
She then comes into a trance where he has her in his arms and she says, "I can feel it washing over me...the Desire for him."
Not to mention other things said before this which I just don't want to repeat.

Being a parent also means being hyper-vigilant toward the formation of our children and protecting them from evil until they are at a state in life where they can discern evil and protect themselves.
Be awake and alert --before too much damage is done to our children.

1 comment:

Deacon John said...

Thanks for posting this, Pat. I will copy it and post it on my http://deaconforlife.blogspot.com/ More people need to see read this alert!
Deacon John